Heart Chakra Tincture


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This tincture is designed to strengthen and uplift the emotional and physical heart.  The herbs are extracted in a mix of pomegranate juice and alcohol.  The pomegranate juice itself seems to have amazing heart healing abilities, and if we look at the shape of the pomegranate with the red outer layer and the chambered interior we are reminded of the physical heart.   Hawthorn berries are my go-to for healing and nourishing both the physical and energetic heart.  Hawthorn opens up the heart, helps heal heartbreak, and brings us courage.  Happy little Mimosa blossoms add a spiritual upliftment to ease anxiety or depressive conditions of the heart.  Holy Basil is a lovely, sacred super-herb that works well at activating the heart and bringing all the other chakras into a high frequency state of love and bliss.  Dandelion root gently encourages energetic blocks to move from the chest, breasts, and heart.  No heart formula would be complete without the essence of rose, a long held symbol of love in our culture.  Rose allows us to open up and share our heart to its fullest, bloomed beauty while maintaining boundaries as needed.  You can observe a rose with utmost joy and reverence, but you can’t grasp it too tightly.  Rose essence allows us to open up and maintain our independence in a similar fashion.  Watermelon tourmaline strongly resonates with the heart chakra and will assist in clearing any blockages, balancing the emotions, and activating the higher heart chakra (divine love).

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