Root Chakra Oxymel


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This blend is designed to provide grounding and a stable foundation from which to begin your walk through chakra healing, cleanse and nourish the blood, and assist with ancestral healing.  Sassafras is a blood purifying tonic root.  Sassafras is said to move energy blockages from anywhere in the body (probably because of it’s blood cleansing and tonifying actions), and is thus a good herb to begin working with at the start of chakra work.  The fact that sassafras is a deep tree root and that it has actions on the blood also tune this in to working with the root chakra.  Burdock is another blood purifying tonic root we have included in our root chakra formula.  Magically it is known to bring healing and protection, a great foundation for the journey into chakra healing.  Nettle is an incredibly nourishing plant full of vitamins and minerals.  It gently nourishes the adrenals, giving you a calm, grounded, sustained energy.  Alfalfa and Comfrey are included in our formula as additional nourishing, blood building, tonic herbs.  These are extracted in apple cider vinegar to maximize the mineral content.  Molasses is added to bring a boost in iron and further nourishment to the blood.  Bloodstone essence purifies and detoxifies the body while grounding negative energies.  It aligns the root with the heart chakra.  It is an important stone for ancestral healing, a key component to balancing the root chakra.  Walnut essence was chosen because it is known to bring freedom from limiting influences (expectations of family or community, or beliefs of limitations based on past experiences), help one make healthy transitions in life, give one the strength to follow their own spiritual path, and offer psychic protection.

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