Solar Plexus Elixir


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This elixir is designed to protect and strengthen our boundaries while giving us the fire and motivation to bring into manifestation our heart’s passion.  The herbal tinctures in the elixir are yarrow, to bring psychic protection by strengthening energetic boundaries and feverfew, which strengthens the protective quality of the essence and banishes unwanted influences from interfering with our ability to assert ourselves into the world.  Daffodil essence brings hope and courage to keep reaching for the sun through dark times. Mexican sunflower essence works to draw sacral energy up into the solar plexus so that we may will into being creations aligned with the joy of our heart. Citrine tunes in with golden sun energies and helps us to release negative thinking while strengthening the solar plexus.  Solar Plexus elixir is perfect for those who are very energetically sensitive to their environment or seem to “take on” other’s problems.

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