Third Eye Opener


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This formula is designed to assist in opening ones’ ability to see into the inner worlds and align with higher truth and light.  It is a great formula to use before doing meditation, dreaming, or any type of inner work.  Reishi has a profound ability to help one drop into a calm, relaxed state of being while it also gently encourages the break down and release of patterns that are no longer serving us.  I have heard it called a “pseudo-psychedelic” and resonate deeply with that- when taken long term it will soften rigid ideas of self and integrate you within the world around you.  Mugwort is a mystical herb well known for its ability to bring vivid dreams and visions while also offering protection to the user.  Mugwort gently relaxes, melting away stress and tension and leaving you ready to receive in meditation.  She aligns with the energy of the moon, bringing silvery illumination to your inner self.  Passionflower also gently relaxes while quieting a chatty mind and overthinking.  Ginkgo tree has been on this planet over 270 million years! This ancient teacher greatly increases blood flow, including blood flow to the brain, enhancing neurocognition, putting positive pressure on the pineal gland, and awakening slumbering cells.  Taoist monks are even said to have carved sacred symbols into Ginkgo wood in order to open portals to other dimensions.  Lavender is added as another gently calming herb to aid in meditation.  Lavender promotes deeper spiritual understanding, psychic insight, intuitive wisdom, and will assist in casting away any doubts about embracing one’s spiritual power.  An essence of the sacred yet sometimes over-harvested ghost pipe allows us to take in the amazing healing power of this plant using a minimum of plant material.  Ghost pipe assists us in healing shock and trauma, shadowy aspects of our pasts, and parts of ourselves we have dissociated from until they appear to be ghosts haunting us in our subconscious.  Ghost pipe connects us into a broader, higher vision of ourselves that allows us to reintegrate into wholeness and lovingly illuminate cast out aspects of ourselves. Night blooming cereus essence illuminates our path into higher knowledge helping us to see parts of ourselves we don’t normally see, peer past illusion, and make huge leaps in consciousness. Labradorite essence aids in self-discovery, awakening one’s awareness of inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities.  It is also a powerful protector, creating a shielding force through the aura protecting one from negativity while enhancing the positive energy within.

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