Visit the farm!

Sweet Annie & Trevor
Harvesting Sweet Annie

Walden Farms approaches farming from a regenerative/ permaculture perspective so may look quite unlike any farm you’ve ever seen! We are passionate about sharing our approach to farming, and so look forward to each of our visiting groups!

Outside of normally scheduled herb walks and farm tours, we are happy to customize visits to fit your group’s own unique interests.

Customize your visit!

From homeschool groups to groups of people interested in regenerative farming or herbs, we are thrilled to get to show off our farm and share our knowledge – knowledge that we truly believe can make the world a better place!

Contact us and let us know what your group’s interests are, and we can come up with a plan for your visit.

Past visits for homeschool groups have included activities such as making violet flower lemonade, planting trees and gardens, mycoremediation projects, feeding farm animals, making personal herbal teas from herbs as we walk around the farm, and more!

Prices for farm tours start at $25 per family with a 5 family minimum.

Or WWOOF with us! Info here!