Throat Chakra Elixir


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Our throat chakra elixir is designed to open you to your creative flow, help align your passion and vocation, and strengthen your voice.  Horehound has long been used for coughs and sore throats, but energetically assists in unblocking creativity.  Sage also has a long history of traditional use for treating sore throats, and is known by some as a “speakers” herb.  Blue Vervain is an herb for “tight-necked” people who carry tension in their neck and shoulders.  It allows a person to relax enough so that their words or creativity may begin to flow without restriction.  These herbs are extracted in blueberry juice, a food associated with the throat.  A small amount of osha root I have been holding on to for years is the final herb reverently added to this formula.  Osha is a magical but often over-harvested herb so be mindful of your source with her.  She immediately opens my heart and moves the energy upward through my throat, releasing any tension or grief restricting the flow of energy between the two.  She encourages me to never let my voice or passion be tamed.  Osha is extracted in honey, which has its own history of use for healing and soothing the throat.  Borage flower essence comes from a beautiful blue star-like flower that gives one the courage to speak from their heart while releasing any fears around how your message will be received.  Sodalite essence is added to encourage truthful expression and open up one’s abilities to communicate with higher realms.

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