Sacral Chakra Elixir


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Our Sacral Chakra Elixir is formulated to open one to enjoy the sensual nature of life from a pure and innocent space, gently healing any trauma or fear blocking deep connection within relationships.  Because the sacral chakra is tied to sweetness and pleasure, our Sacral Elixir contains a yummy blend of damiana, cacao, vanilla, and honey to delight the senses and warm up the heart and sacral chakras.  Damiana increases peripheral circulation while cacao activates the heart and gets blood flowing.  It also contains a spirit dose of partridge berry, an herb I have had great success in working with to improve creativity, relationships, and fruitfulness.  Lady’s Mantle essence shelters, cradles and nurtures our insights, ideas, visions and dreams until we are ready to move them forward into creative self-expression. When we embark on a creative project, Lady’s Mantle helps keep things cloaked, under wraps and undisturbed by outer forces. This allows the pure strands of a creation to flow through us without interruption. Once a project is ready to be launched into the world, Lady’s Mantle will then magnify and amplify the project in the same way dew sits magnified in Lady’s Mantle’s leaves.  In a time where sexual trauma all too often shuts down the sweetness of our sacral chakras, the next two flower essences are designed to be used in combination to help one be reborn through trauma into a deeper, more compassionate vessel that still carries the innocence and joy of childhood.  Buttercup flower essence carries healing for the inner child and a restoration of sweet, playful, carefree energy. Moonflower essence allows one to heal deep emotional wounds of abandonment, rejection, and betrayal by holding space for a deeper sense of self to be reborn.  Finally, Moonstone essence aligns one with the 28 day cycle of the moon, the moon’s pull on the waters of the body, and brings emotional stability.

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