Crown Chakra Elixir


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This chakra formula is designed to increase one’s sense of connection with all that is, expanding one’s ideas of self to embrace an interconnectedness and unity consciousness.  Violet flower glycerin activates both the heart and crown, increasing a sense of connectedness with the natural world and the beings in your environment.  Violet flower gently releases any blockages preventing us from receiving the highest love and bliss that is available to human beings in their natural child-like state of wonder.   Gotu Kola has been proven to raise oxygen uptake levels in the brain and encourage trans-hemispheric synchronization, which shifts the brainwave state into the alpha, gamma and theta spectrum. This spectrum is associated with consciousness expansion and has been studied in long-term meditators.  Lion’s Mane extract is scientifically known to promote nerve growth and improve the memory.  I believe when used in combinations with meditation this herb promotes greater neuro-plasticity and allows paths into higher consciousness to quickly be built within the brain and spirit.  Blue lotus essence allows for deep meditation.  It brings euphoric feelings, gently calms the nervous system and relaxes the whole body, and allows one to experience joy and light that are expressed through ethereal awareness.  Clear quartz connects us to our higher self while balancing and energizing all 7 chakras.

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