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Rose glycerine, Milky oat, and Holy basil

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This formula feels like a warm blanket fresh from the dryer, a cat nap in the sun, or falling into the lap of the earth mama to rest after a long day.
The scent of the roses collected for this formula were intoxicatingly sweet, demanding you slow down to give them notice. The petals a pink so soft it matched the velvety texture. A perfect soft, soothing, heart opening, slow you down and encourage you to open up medicine. The fragrant blossoms were extracted in vegetable glycerine for a taste so soothingly sweet it seems like it should top a pastry.
Milky oats were also a joy to collect and commune with. The long stalks of grass make a gentle “shhhh” noise in the breeze, soft like a mother shhhhhhing a roused baby back into sleep. The oat pods were collected at the peak of milkiness to make a medicine that nourishes and restores a frazzled nervous system. Milky oats are best tinctured fresh, which we do right on our farm immediately after harvest. The magic of milky oats is that they are planted as a cover crop to restore land. And the medicine they bring to our nervous system could also be no better described than “restorative.”
Holy Basil is my go to ally for the long days of summer when I’m farming and working from sun up to sun down through a day that seems it may never end. Holy basil encourages me to stop, drink, and enjoy. Holy basil is an adaptogen, or herb that helps the body become more resilient to stressors. Holy basil really is my favorite tasty summer time “chill pill” on so many levels. It has been shown to increase cerebral circulation and is indicated to relieve stress while improving concentration.

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