Lion’s Mane Tincture


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Lion’s mane is a “super food” or herb for sure, with research being conducted on a plethora of potential clinical applications for this amazing herbal ally.  It is one of the few substances known through scientific study to assist in helping the body regenerate nerves.  It is said to promote mental clarity, focus, and memory; it shows great potential as possible treatment for Alzheimers and dementia.  Lion’s Mane also shows great potential as a therapy for diabetes, with one study suggesting it lowers blood sugar levels.  High in anti-oxidants, it is said to fight inflammation in the body.  As well as optimizing nervous system health, the polysaccharides said to support optimal immune functioning in animal studies have found lion’s mane effective against cancer cells. Metaphysically, I find lion’s mane assists in building new pathways.

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