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Lemon balm glycerine, rose glycerine, mimosa

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Herbs have taught me there is strength in being soft. My background in massage understands this. When the body is tense and tight, holding on to trauma, you can’t just force your way in and demand a release. You have to gently hold, listen, respond, and move with the tissues to facilitate a release. This formula feels this way to me. Gentle herbs with the power to bring amazing transformation.
Spiritually, it is said that lemon balm helps to balance feelings and emotions. It’s gentle lemon scent is uplifting yet calming. It’s soothing action is perfect for any age, lemon balms really helps you keep your cool.
The scent of the roses collected for this formula were intoxicatingly sweet, demanding you slow down to give them notice. The petals a pink so soft it matched the velvety texture. A perfect soft, soothing, heart opening, slow you down and encourage you to open up medicine. The fragrant blossoms were extracted in vegetable glycerine for a taste so soothingly sweet it seems like it should top a pastry.
The formula is rounded out with mimosa blossoms, the “tree of happiness” in Chinese medicine. These pink fuzzy flowers look like real life truffula trees. This “invasive” fixes nitrogen, healing the soil while it’s lovely blossoms bring happiness to our hearts. How appropriate for the times we are living in. Another “soft” flower- my favorite use I’ve discovered for mimosa blossoms is tickling baby cheeks. And that playful, happy energy is just the medicine of this plant.

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