Elderberry Elixir



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Made with elderberry tincture, an even more potent form of elderberry medicine.  Studies have shown elderberries to have significant benefits against cold and influenza symptoms, but starting early after symptom onset is key so have this on hand!  This extra powerful elixir also contains fresh pressed ginger juice.  Ginger juice is another proven anti-viral and is also shown in some studies to reduce pain as well as NSAIDs.  Usnea tincture has been shown in lab studies to kill gram-positive bacteria (think strep and staph) and has traditionally been used for respiratory conditions. It has been added to our formula as a way to prevent secondary infections.  Pine needle decoction and local honey are the final two ingredients.  Pine needle has a long traditional use for colds and flus, and local raw honey is known for its antimicrobial and cough soothing properties.


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