Elderberry Elixir




This herbal formula was formulated in response to a heavy flu season, but it is our family go-to against most any virus.  Fresh pressed ginger juice preserves all of the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that ginger would lose in the drying process.  Elderberry tincture provides a more potent punch than the traditional syrup used for preventing the spread of viruses, and it is also a mild decongestant.  A tincture of sweet gum contains high amounts of shikimic acid, the main ingredient in Tamiflu.  Usnea tincture has been traditionally used as an anti-bacterial agent protecting against secondary respiratory infections.  The formula is rounded out with local honey which is traditionally used for antimicrobial action as well as being soothing to coughs.

Safe for children and adults although it should be avoided in pregnancy.


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