Breathe Easy


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Dong quai serves multiple functions in this formula as it has been traditionally used as an ant-viral. Scientific studies show it has the ability to modulate cytokine production, and as a bitter herb it will assist in keeping digestion moving during illness.  Lomatium is added as a lung supporting anti-viral the Washoe Indians claimed to have used during the great flu pandemic of 1920 as their tribe remain untouched.  Pine is a traditional southern folk remedy for coughs and has been used as an expectorant for coaxing out thick mucus.  Thyme adds additional respiratory support and anti-viral action, and combined with fenugreek it has been used to decongest mucus membranes.  Elecampane is traditionally used to help move stuck mucus from the lungs.  Pleurisy root has traditionally been used for ailments relating to the heart, bronchials, and lungs.

*Start slowly and discontinue use if a rash occurs.

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