Celtic Holy Day Nature Connection Subscription Box


Receive a subscription box at each of the quarter and cross quarter nature based Holy days for one year. Each subscription box will contain herbs for the theme of the holy day along with suggestions for use, meditation, journaling prompts, recipes, etc.

Themes of the holy days are:
Imbolc- new growth, the beginnings of movement, awakening, emergence, sprouting, releasing the heaviness of the winter.
This box will include a sacred waters salve for castor oil packs, a root beer syrup with sassafras and herbs to wake up the lymphatic system, a meditation to release toxicity, and more.
Ostara- birth, balance, abundance, growth
Beltane- fertility, union, passion, growth, love
Lithia- light, power, growth, abundance, achievement
Lammas- gratitude, harvest, celebration, reflection, moving inward, letting go
Mabon- accomplishment, balance, death, equilibrium, wisdom
Samhain- ancestry, the thinning veil, death, transition, other worlds, darkness
Yule- rest, rebirth, silence, renewal, cave time



Receive a year of subscription boxes