Lughnasadh Home Practice Kit


Lughnasadh is the first of three harvest festivals. The year’s hard work is beginning to pay off with the first harvest of grain. Abundance abounds as the fruits of the marriage of the sun god and the earth goddess pay off. It is a festival for gathering in, and celebrating everything that has come your way so far this year. This is what gratitude is in its truest for- a gratitude that comes with the knowledge that for everything that has come to be, sacrifices have been made- life and death are inevitably intertwined in the cycles of light and dark.

Lughnasadh sits opposite Imbolc on the wheel of the year. At Imbolc we are just beginning to awaken from the dark. The energy is unmistakably yin with a hint of excitement in the air. At Lughnasadh, the opposite is true. We are still in the masculine heat of the summer, but with the first harvest the energies of darkness, death, rest, and release begin to creep in.

In this kit we will celebrate abundance and solar energy utilizing holy basil and ginger. Holy basil is a plant that gives exponentially the more you take. It cools and helps sustain us as we risk burnout as the summer drags on. We will connect to the shining one, Lugh and his step-mother Tailtu- who made agriculture possible in Ireland. We will engage in sacred ceremony to give thanks for what the year has brought our way and acknowledge the sacrifices that were made. We will strengthen our own solar centers with yarrow, feverfew, and ginger. We will utilize the power of rosemary to facilitate deep knowing and connection.

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