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Introducing our new herbal teas!

Holy Green Tea

Confession time…

This past year has been a lot. We’ve had three kids home pretty much 24/7, done a year and a half of virtual school, added more animals and growing space to the farm, started a foodscaping business, and made it through the first two years of a new baby. We are stronger and more capable than we ever would have believed two years ago!

Another confession? Most the time it feels like I’m just treading water and trying to not drown in completing our daily to-do lists. Other than cooking as a creative outlet (I mean, we gotta eat, I may as well enjoy creating our meals!) I don’t really feel like I’ve had much time to play and create. Much less promote those creations on social media.

Thank goodness we were approached with an exciting new collaboration and asked to expand the tea menu at a favorite local restaurant (more on that coming soon!) and I was forced to get into my creative space (thank the universe!). Breathing new life into our tea offerings has breathed new life into me! I remembered one of the main reasons I was called to herbalism — the joy of creativity! I’m so proud of the creations we are debuting at Pepper Place Market over the next few weeks (they are also now on the website). I’ve enjoyed more delicious herbal teas in the past few weeks than in the entire previous couple of years.

Another confession? Green tea was never “my cup of tea” (bad pun intended). Maybe I’d just always had poor quality or oversteeped tea. But a friend’s thoughtful gift got me drinking some high quality green tea months back, so I was ready to work with it for sake of the collaboration (it still wasn’t really my fav…).

Inspiration struck and I blended Jade Dragon green tea with my favorite holy basil, added orange peel, and completed the blend with freeze dried ginger (so that enough ginger taste could come through in the 2-3 minute steep needed for green tea). And y’all — what came out was nothing short of the “holy” name. Now I’m reaching for that green tea mix and craving it. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that holy basil helps me slow down, take deep breaths, and release the stress that has built up over the last couple wonderful, busy years!

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