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Pickup Available at Tropicaleo!

TropicaleoDear friends,

We are excited to announce that you can now pickup our products at Tropicaleo in Avondale. This restaurant features delicious Puerto Rican fare, and they have a vegan menu! Check them out at or 

We have the following products available for pickup:
Elderberry Syrup
Immune+ Syrup
Fire Cider
Elderberry Elixir
Elderberry Tincture
Elderberry Glycerine
Immune Bitters
Bronchial Bitters
Cough Syrup
Kava Elixir
Nerve Bitters

Anything else ordered could be delivered in 2-3 business days to Tropicaleo.

At checkout, use code: tropicaleo to cancel out shipping cost.

*Please note that Tropicaleo is closed Monday and Tuesday.