Wild School Wednesdays 2023


For enthusiastic learners of all ages! Bring the whole family to the farm to get an intro to permaculture, herbalism, and the homesteading lifestyle!

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By popular request, we are offering some time on the farm for families to gather and immerse themselves in the permaculture, herbalism, and homesteading lifestyles. The classes are aimed at students of elementary age- adults, but of course it is never to early to start immersing younger children in this lifestyle. We are amazed at what our littles pick up and retain!

We will meet the second Wednesday of each month January- May of 2023. Prices are per family, but please let us know the number of people to expect so we can cap the events once we’ve reached a certain number of people. Class schedule is as follows:

January 11, 9-11AM
Intro to Permaculture and Winter Farm Tour
Our intro to permaculture will begin with a presentation introducing the framework of permaculture including the ethics, principals, elements of design, and management techniques. We will then tour the farm in the dormant season so that the structure of the land is easily observed before being filled in by lush vegetation. $35

February 8, 9-11:30AM
Tincture making!
We will discuss the basics of tincturing before making a tincture using the scientific method. Each family will go home with a 1oz tincture of $15 value! $50

March 8, 9-11AM
Herb walk and Violet lemonade pH experiment
We will begin with an herb walk focusing on the first plants up in the spring! Following the walk, we will wild forage violet blossoms so that we may conduct a pH experiment in making violet lemonade. Then, of course, we all get to enjoy a glass as pay off for our effort! $35

April 12, 9-11:30AM
Salve making!
An easy, safe, effective way to introduce children to herbalism is a “boo boo” salve. We will gather on farm to demonstrate how to forage and/or grow the ingredients for our healing salve. We will make the salve together, and everyone gets to go home with a 2oz salve! We have noticed engaging kids in this process gets them excited about using herbs, and ready to learn more! $50

May 10, 9-11:30AM
Spring farm tour, herb walk, and tea party!
Now that the plants are filling in on the farm we will do a spring tour focusing on how the landscape has shifted! We will do a second herb walk focusing on different plants. We will finish our program with a tea party and fresh, organic snacks! $50 with tea party or $35 without.

All classes $200 when pre-registered before 1/11/2023!
Checkout here for all classes, or see individual events linked above.


Event Details

Date: January 11, 2023

Start time: 09:00 a.m. CST

End time: 11:00 a.m. CST

Venue: Walden Farms

Directions: 290 Porter Rd SE Bessemer, Al 35022

Phone: 205-382-4283