Spring Seasonal Set




We are pleased to start offering seasonal boxes of supportive herbs at a discount!  These boxes will allow us to choose a theme and offer a selection of herbs to address what you may need some support with.  We are excited about the creativity and fun we anticipate to come out of these boxes as in the future we may offer some limited time exclusive offers in them.

For spring we are focusing on allergy and respiratory support.  Violet tincture is a favorite spring green traditionally used for lymphatic movement and helping the body detoxify gently in early spring.  It has an affinity for lymph in the throat and chest. Allergy Support contains herbs traditionally used to decongest, while Allergy Relief contains herbs used to support the body through histamine reactions.  It is our observation that allergies tend to be eased when the liver is working optimally, so we have also decided to include our new Liver Lover bitters. Finally, we are so excited about our Breathe Easy respiratory anti-viral support that we are including it as an extra bonus!