Ostara Herbs and Rituals Class


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Ostara is the sabbat associated with rebirth, renewal, fertility, abundance, growth, and balance.  Spring has officially arrived.
The stirrings of life observed at Imbolc are now ready to burst forth. The seeds we planted have cracked open and life is beginning to unfurl.  We aren’t yet in the full light and heat of the summer, but the wheel of the year is shifting- today we reflect as we hang in balance- tomorrow the light will be greater than the dark.  What is growing within us now will determine the rest of the year.
Ostara is traditionally celebrated at the spring equinox- around March 20th.  There are many Goddesses associated with this spring festival.  But Ostara, Ishtar, and Easter all have a similar sound to “East Star” so I think it is no coincidence that the equinoxes are the only days the sun (our star) rises in the exact true east.  This day of balance lets us get our bearings for the rest of the year.  Whatever directions we set off in now will set the course for what is to come.
As we gather to reflect and chart course, we will call on our herbal allies.  Walnut essence for moving through transition, breaking unhealthy links to the past, and stepping into the highest version of yourself- free from the opinions of those around you. Fiddlehead fern essence for remembering balance, interconnection, calling in stillness in the swirl of overwhelm, and unfurling of the true self. We will work with crossvine and milky oat for regeneration, Solomon seal for balance, and some warming herbs for moving into the light and warmth of spring!


If you are unable to attend in person events, you can order a home practice kit.

Event Details

Date: March 20, 2022

Start time: 05:30 p.m. CDT

End time: 08:30 p.m. CDT

Venue: Walden Farms

Directions: 290 Porter Rd SE, Bessemer