Imbolc Herbs Home Practice Kit


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Imbolc is the holy day connected to emergence, sprouting, new growth, releasing the heaviness of winter, and looking for the first movements below the surface of the earth that signify the coming of spring.

The holy day is associated with the Goddes Brighid or St. Brigid.  Imbolc translates to “in the belly” and Brighid is associated with birthing, midwifery, and milk (the very substance of life).  On this day (sundown 2/1- sundown 2/2) Brighid is said to ascend out of the waters on the Isle of Iona, bringing with her springtime and new life.  Although the earth may still appear to be resting, seeds are beginning to stir as new life begins to emerge.  At this time of year we must begin to reflect and ask ourselves what we have learned from the darkness of the winter and how we are preparing to grow into a greater version of ourselves.  We must let those first whispers of growth start to stir in our belly and in our blood.  We must surrender to the cycles, composting last year’s growth to serve the coming year.

This is the first of 8 boxes coming in 2023.  Across the course of this year-long series we will be working with natural rhythms to accelerate our evolution into the highest version of ourselves so that we may offer our gifts to the world to accelerate her evolution.

This first kit will contain:

  1. Castor oil packs with violet leaf and poke root to be placed over the bellies to enhance cirulation, lymph flow, and detoxification through our sacred womb space.
  2. A root beer soda with sassafras, a traditional spring time tonic to awaken the body to the coming of spring.
  3. A tincture of sacred plants for working with Imbolc energy that will include essences of water from Brighid’s well and yew essence.
  4. Meditation and Journal suggestions, recipes, and more!