Beltane Home Practice Kit


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Opposite of Samhain on the Wheel of the Year lies Beltane. While Samhain is a celebration of death and rest, Beltane is a celebration of life and the forward motion of the peak of Spring. The energy of fire calls forth the spring buds and the passion in our hearts.

As the flowers open and unfurl, so does our own energy naturally open up and move outward looking for connection. It is nature’s time of peak fertility, when the May Queen and the Horned One unite in ecstasy to bring new life into being.

At Ostara, we balanced the energies within ourselves, and at Beltane we unite those energies in order to most effectively birth our creative projects for the coming year.

In a society where the dominant paradigms around masculinity, femininity, and sacred union are often warped, our ceremonies and herbs will focus on releasing trauma with the help of our herbal allies. Mugwort and pine resin oils will be used on the sacral center to penetrate and pull out stagnant energy while ocotillo and rose taken internally assist in this clearing and opening.  Once we have done the important release work, we will utilize creamy ceremonial cacao, kava, damiana, and hawthorn to further open us up to a healthy playfulness and sensuality.